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The kids bathroom is one of the most colorful and pleasant rooms of the house, not only by showing pictures and graphics, but also because it offers the possibility of printing the personality of our son or daughter on the set. This will not only discover what they like but if they are creative and how much they like a character. For example, if a girl or boy is very rational, they may prefer something that goes in line with their thinking, such as the design of children playing with a ball. The characters look like three little brothers who wear the same style sailor and go according to the children’s bathroom sober.

kids shower curtainsYounger children can opt for this model stamped colored hands on white background. This design is ideal for children looking to make their mark their steps. Also, this can be combined with a rug with the same design and a set of towels similar.

Older girls can enjoy a relaxing swim through the curtains decorated with stars. Silver tones, blue and yellow design, allow the possibility of complementing the decor of the same, with carpets and applications of these stars on the walls.

If it were a bathroom just for kids, the theme of frogs is an interesting option as this curtain toads on a soap suds. If it is also taken as the center decoration, the bathroom may be filled with these green friends not only on the walls but also towels and in the same tub.

Another option for little boys are home shower curtains with prints of jungle animals. This design features the complete set which includes towels, bath mats and kitchen and bathroom trash.

Finally, we have a nice shade of the famous Disney Princesses, ideal for swimming for girls. no matter how old this is always the most requested of all options.

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