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November came flying and the cold is already installed again in our lives. I do not know you @ s but this year I have received with joy the winter. It must be that I have this new house is always exciting (and very tired …). But after installing the heaters (low power, I will tell you that this van), to enjoy watching how well my new windows closed and do a crash course on how to turn ‘no pissed’ the chimney (the first time, Yesss, fireplace that I have) I’ve looked around and … uff,-it’s cold, I thought. And is that like all new homes, everything is as cold and brand. After spending a Sunday marujil and thoughtful, I explain my findings.

warm house

1. While on the ground installed a wood laminate, I think you’re asking a carpet loudly. As tasty as this, with short hair and a soft, neutral color, a grayish beige engaging with all colors.

2. Cushions, pillows and cushions. But a little “winter”, some faux fur (I have seen some beautiful Zara Home), other spongy and warm textures such as felt or flannel wool cushions to cuddle or nap on Saturday afternoon as pikes are falling off.

3. This photo will show it on the lamp but also wanted to show you this beautiful rug as the designer Allegra Hicks. If your living room is quite sober and neutral, it is also a good choice a carpet emblazoned with a large drawing and graphic style. Well, what we were going, I will install a huge screen like this on my dining table-etc-work, and create a large spotlight warm. There is nothing more “freezing” a room with little light and cold.

4. Every year I intend to weave some point blanket. But I think that as much as I try not get to knit with the look of all those appetizing blankets, cushions and poufs I see in the stores. A blanket is a strategic object in a winter lounge, plus point is cozy and well suited to all forms of sit or lie you can think of.

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