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The kalanchoe plant is a strong character, fresh and noble nature. It is believed that it originated in China as well as in Madagascar and southern Africa and Southeast Asia. Was introduced in Europe in the early 1930. Currently there are over 200 varieties of kalanchoe, all highly appreciated for its attractive leaves thick, succulent, dark green and abundant and colorful flowers.

Kalanchoe, colorful home

The Kalanchoe is a plant that reaches about 30 cm in height. Its flowering occurs in late fall and remain through the winter until almost the arrival of spring, depending on when you sow seeds or cuttings are planted.

The special thing about this plant is its inflorescence, with all its small flowers grouped in the same branch. It is also called “short-day plant” because it blooms in the days when the day is shorter than night. However, when it blooms, act lasts about eight weeks, he does it with real intensity, emanating small flowers that vary in color from white to pink, red, yellow and purple, vivid colors and all that contrast spectacular with bright green leaves. You need lots of light to maintain its lush floral.

Kalanchoe care needs

The kalanchoe is a very easy-care plant. Basically the key to success lies in hitting cultivation with irrigation, keeping it moist minimally when in flower and less once the lost. Failure tolerant to excess water.

The kalanchoe can easily propagate through cuttings, cutting slices between 8 and 10 centimeters from the tip of a stem and drying for a few days. Then inserted into a special substrate potted cactus and kept at 21 ° C.

As a curiosity that is studying the effects of some of its varieties on injuries and diseases related to cell damage, especially cancer, deep wounds and gangrene, infections, burns and psychological illnesses such as schizophrenia, panic attacks and fears.

The kalanchoe can be placed both inside and outside.


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