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The ancient Japanese culture is increasingly fashionable in the West. Do not know if it’s the exotic decoration or transmitted by the calm, but more and more influence in eastern western decor. In this article we will try to show you the secrets kept Japanese furnishings so you can translate into your decor oriental charms. We’ll show you the keys of these environments and the details that will make your interior convey simplicity and naturalness the Japanese style.

japan style

And we will begin analyzing the basic colors found in Japanese d├ęcor. Oriental interiors generally use neutral tones for a simple background. We refer to white, beige, light brown, etc.. With them what is sought is to emphasize the architecture and create a kind of geometric order.

These neutral background colors are combined with the color mainly black, which is a very important step in Japanese decor. This is used to define the forms, and works in harmony with the white or other neutral colors.

We also find touches of red (representing the sun), orange or ocher (representing fire), blue (representing water), green (representing nature), and even some pink.

All these colors shown you (except black) are just examples, you should never use them all at once in the same room. Choose one or at most a few, but without cluttering the room. Remember that one of the key points of this decoration is simplicity.

The oriental furniture is very different from what we Westerners are used to. The Japanese have many activities at ground level, such as eating or sleeping, so it is not surprising that their furniture is so small people. Moreover, these movable generally lie directly on the floor without the aid of the legs.

The Japanese style furniture reaching western shorter and not as many do have legs, but very small. It is important not to place too much furniture and pooled by area, leaving open spaces. The space and scale are critical in these environments.

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