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The jacuzzi, whirlpool also known as are bathtubs that have a special system capable of emitting jets of pressurized water, called tubs. When they started to become popular, back in 1968, as a true revolution in the field of bathtubs and later home pools. However, its scope is not limited to the pools and baths, as a means of relaxation, but also are used in physical therapy to rehabilitate people with muscle problems and diverse. The story of the invention of this innovative system is very unique and well worth telling. The origins of the hot tub back to early twentieth century, when seven brothers Italian Jacuzzi family, emigrated from his native to California, USA.

jacuzzi designThe Jacuzzi, who had a curious and enterprising spirit, immediately begin to develop projects and take their first steps in the field of inventions, in this way, come to create a company dedicated to the design and manufacture of aviation accessories (even reach create the first enclosed cabin monoplane). In the mid 1920s, the death of one of the Jacuzzi brothers in a plane crash, makes other brothers decide to leave the field of aeronautics to pursue the creation of hydraulic pumps intended for agricultural production. Continued to develop these products until, in the early 1950s, Candido, one of the Jacuzzi brothers, uses his experience in pumps to develop a new type of submersible pump for baths, to help ease the pain he experienced his son, who had contracted rheumatoid arthritis at the age of 15 months.

Soon those bombs were first used to treat patients as the son of Candido, both in schools and in hospitals around the country. Still, Candido could not stand that his son had to move to the hospital every time I had to go to a hydrotherapy session (this is the name by which he was baptized treatment), so he thought that made these submersible pumps with his brothers, could also be developed for home use. Thus, his son (who years later would preside over the family business) could be treated at home. Thus this new type of tub was christened “jacuzzi” (distorted to “Whirlpool”) and became popular worldwide. Unlike the first prototypes created by Candido Jacuzzi, new jacuzzi quickly became symbols of the good life and its use is not limited to physical rehabilitation, but were used as a new and pleasant method of relaxation. Installation companies received thousands of orders and jacuzzi were installed both inside and outside the home, often replacing pools. Incredibly, the jacuzzi could be found both in hospitals and clinics more specialized, and in the most exclusive hotels or even thousands of ordinary homes worldwide.
Over the years, the industry has grown tremendously and jacuzzis, as in the field of swimming, there have been great strides in improving its performance. The tub can be installed in gardens and inside homes, which makes them great competitors for pools, while possessing some essential differences. But in terms of similarities between the pools and hot tubs, we emphasize that both require careful maintenance. And, just as with pools, water care is probably the most important aspect of maintenance.

The jacuzzi, due to water recirculation system and commonly the same warm temperature, often create environments for the growth of microorganisms. The truth is that regular chlorination achieved not completely eliminate these microorganisms, so it is recommended to use disinfectants that complement the role of chlorine, such as sodium hypochlorite, chlorine dioxide and chloramines. It is also important to remember that the constant renewal of water jacuzzi, plus it is too expensive and wasteful means very large, never able to solve the problem completely, since some contaminants stick to the walls, becoming very resistant. Along with these products for the care of the water, you can purchase hundreds of additional accessories, such as lights, temperature regulating water taps of various types, etc..

Today, there are thousands of designs jacuzzi and use continues to expand, making it possible to say that while they started being used for a very specific purpose and for a select group of people, today the dream of jacuzzi itself is accessible to everyone. And once you have known, through a hotel or resort, the benefits of these devices, surely the desire for one has been established in our desires as well full of advantages for our muscle relaxation.


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