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Interior decorating with plants does not necessarily mean cramming house pots and multiple species. Sometimes, simplicity is the most appropriate, convenient and functional. Few plants can be integrated without overloading the environment, help to highlight a piece of furniture or object without hiding and give a needed dose of nature around inside. In addition, demand only moderate and not require dedication excessive economic investments.

interior decorationInterior Decorating Techniques

Rule of thumb for all decoration: the furniture, the floors, walls and decorations should live in harmony. The presence of plants must comply with the balance of the environment, without imposing above the rest of the elements. To begin, define a style that will provide the environment and, based on it, integrate plants that seem born there. Then have to choose a classic style and one country. All simple, but tastefully.
Interior decorating Key

For a set of plants naturally integrate with the d├ęcor of a room, without going unnoticed, there are two items to consider:

Plants: It is preferable to use small-leaved plants and soft tones, as Aralias, the Syngonium, Spathipiiyllum, the Ficus benjamina or Ali and ferns. Should avoid the presence of plants that disrupt the harmony of the scenery: the Ficus lyratas Philodendros and have leaves too large, the colors are very striking Cocliaeun.
Pots. The clay are perfect allies such features, for the affinity of its textures and colors with the plant. A touch of wicker, some potted faux-marble or if the budget allows, the marble itself, also accompanied harmonically. These materials remain prominence to accompany the pots and standing out in just measure.

The classic design

In a spacious living room, the plants were placed in front of the window so that, seen from inside the natural light that comes from outside the set becomes a sort of forest at dawn.

When forming a group of more than four plants grouped, should put some other that is dispersed. In this case, there is a fireside fern, a fern on Marantha and another scoot tables, opposed to the larger group.

In a living so great way to locate this plant creates an intimate corner complete with chairs, table and fireplace.

The potted plants were arranged larger high to low. The higher, the Ficus pepper, joins the group with the window. The palm trees are in rows parallel to the wall, and frame the picture to break the straight lines and provide naturally. The spathiphyllun Syngonium and placed zigzag between the upper floors to create curved lines in the set. Plants used: Areca, Syngonio, Chamaedorea, Ficus Aji, Spathiphyllum.
The country style design

Plants occupy reaffirm the style and leave some empty places that stripped the environment. Color cut brick walls and% s gray cement floor, and attenuate the luxury, the candlesticks. As in the classic style, plants have the function can accompany and bring the rest to the elements. In environments like this, the pots should be simple, as the colors are light, blends with e / Color fireplace and floor guards. On the shelves are located a handful of plants to allow the ornaments look.

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