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If you hate washing as much as I probably should think, “There’s no way consider my washer and my dryer to be part of my decor!” I thought so too, but after visiting a few shops and examine some of the new options for the washer and dryer, I was impressed by its broad appeal.

Washer decoration led wall light

The most common options for washing machines are definitely the new Kenmore washer and dryer orange, blue or champagne. These washing machines and dryers are easy to get and the colors can match the d├ęcor of your room. The only drawback is that, especially with the colors orange and blue, if you decide to redecorate may not fit as well, but nevertheless, the champagne is quite versatile. Whirlpool Duet set and LG combination washer / dryer are also very attractive. Front loaders tend to be more interesting and attractive than their major counterparts. As a side note, some of these come with safety locks for children, so they can not get into them or put the dog in for any nightmare.
Integration of the washing machine in the kitchen mubles

So let’s say you are interested in the concept of washer and dryer as decorations, the question is, “How do I combine with my room?” Some people do not have this problem, because they are part of a room, but for others , is a headache. The coordinated decor is essential for this change. You can not put a washer and a dryer blue red or black in a white decor, it will not work. However, a room with furniture and decorations blue, white and yellow blue washing machine makes it look spectacular. The LG combo washer and dryer has the advantage that uses a drying system which need not be connected to a vent, so the combo makes it easier to install on either side of the home. Both machines, the LG and the Whirlpool Duet are white and gray, combined with almost all the decorations.

The only requirement for one of these machines when in use as decoration is to be quiet. Of course it also has to be attractive, but if not quiet, perhaps all want to leave that room. Many machines are much quieter now, and some are so quiet that even make less noise than a refrigerator. You should also be careful with the budget, because it could end the party. The washer and dryer are now a viable option to include in its decoration, and for people who do not have sinks, this comfort is very important. Consider your options and needs, choose the color or style, and start decorating your home with “functional art.”


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