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Install a window or opening on our roof is one of the most common ways for maximum natural lighting is that on many occasions the walls windows fail to supply us enough to be satisfied, so that the idea to implement this type of windows should not we conceive no impediment despite being located in the ceiling itself.

roof windowRead these items carefully before starting

1 – The first thing to do, once assumed what we do and spend, is to choose the type of material and appropriate design of our window, usually used skylights, skylights or ordinary windows, so the roof pitch is a key factor. If it is flat, skylights and skylights are the most recommended but if it presented some sort of inclination, conventional windows can be a great solution, obviously the problem we face when handling them as they will be found to same height as the roof itself, so today there are telescopic rods through them, we can access its mechanism may open and close as we please. There is another type of more modern systems such as mechanical, where thanks to a remote control can cause the closure or opening, is about the same system used for house blinds.

2 – Before doing anything, it is best to seek the advice of a specialist to determine what materials could be used and how it is to be built, and that due to the position where it will be located isolation is a key factor for our own comfort and room maintenance. Formerly, having this type of roof openings often supposed leaks that generated moisture to surrounding materials, such as walls or frames they own, but today, thanks to advances and current technology, the materials and placement systems are much more effective and this is no longer an issue.

3 – Types of choices with which we will have in choosing our lighting, skylights are one of the most used, so pay special attention to them. New technologies around us have also had a considerable impact in creating skylights, as we will have the option of choosing some to protect us from the sun and others that allow us adequate thermal insulation to temperatures in our area.

Several systems have opening, as the telescopic system that will allow access to the interior much easier but dispersion problems with the moisture. The direct opening is one of the most employed for halls and toilets, and on the other hand we have electric opening, very useful for the convenience it has because it has a switch on the wall to which it would be open and ventilate the area. Also noteworthy are activated by some automated control systems, ie when detecting smoke, this shall automatically opened to evacuate.

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