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The lamps are a striking decorative accessories because they allow us to mix styles very easily. Placing a lamp on a table industrial style classics, for example, got a surprising combination full of charm. And the same effect can be achieved with almost all decorative styles you want to combine.

lamp style

Today we will see a small selection of lamps signing FactoryChic House Doctor makes available. They help us decorate our living room, dining room or bedroom in a very interesting thanks to its lovely industrial style.

The first building you see is the lamp Wire, House Doctor. His style as other past time gives great appeal, do not you think? Yes I personally think so. The creator of FactoryChic suggests placing in it a light bulb filament not too powerful so that the lamp industrial touch look further.

The lamp will find its place in almost any environment, although vintage d├ęcor highlight industrial or more. It measures 50 cm high and 109 euros you can purchase it from here.

The lamp has a modern Kubix completed by their peculiar surrounding metallic structure, which gives an elegant and timeless.

This lamp can bring a contemporary feel with a little retro nod to our decor. The lamp measures 42 cm in height and 139 euros you can purchase it from this link.

The elegant design of the lamp Game, Doctor House also, it allows niche in almost any decor, but in which the brighter will be modern and retro styles.

This metal lamp has lots of character. The refined style of its metal structure will help to create a contemporary interior, industrial or even vintage with great charm. It measures 150 cm high and 349 euros you can purchase it from here.

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