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If we saw how to dress the windows a few days ago, we must also see how to make the designs of those households with large windows do not allow us the option of a curtain, a blind or a curtain. It may be for large dimensions, which make them windows, by way abuhardillada location, because in the case of enclosures that are completely on or in glass houses where the ultra replaces glass walls in the design of the spaces .

large windows

In such cases, use the light without allowing it to be annoying and clarity not take over in the decor to make it go unnoticed would be two of the keys to enjoying those large windows, bay windows or glass covers. In these cases an adequate temperature control is critical to be cold outside and the heat out in winter and in summer, the reverse.

If you want that to be a space to share with family or friends, when decorating your room with large windows, you should focus on furniture. For example a large comfortable sofas, an armchair and a pouf to add and one or two small tables. The stay will be more warm and welcoming if you add some carpet. In addition, tables and chairs for family meals are a must.

If a space for rest and relaxation, a chaise longue, indirect lighting and floor lamps support as it can focus and direct, a small table that allows you to pose a drink or book and a plant that helps to relax and good energy filled environment. A shelf or bookcase is also very suitable or even a corner where you put a workspace to take advantage of natural light.

Anyway plants, table lamps, tables, cushions and rugs will help you create the ambiance of your winter garden, glass wall or large window … Enjoy!

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