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At first glance, the curtains are only fabrics that prevent the passage of light. Actually, curtains serve many purposes in the decoration. They help control the amount of light outside, but also help create an environment based on the color of your choice and fabric you use. Light colored curtains can make a small room look bigger and more spacious, while the dark tones create a warm and cozy even in a large room. At home you have too many activities, so many details to consider to choose the ideal shade for every space.

To choose curtains each room there are two main considerations: the amount of light you need and size. Lighting: One enters the window where direct sunlight means that the curtains are going to be getting much sunlight during day time, so the cloth can not be too sensitive because it decoloraría with the sun. Similarly, if the window in question is very bright and you need to lower the intensity of light at specified times (to watch TV without the sun bouncing on the screen or to take a nap) also would have to choose a heavy fabric and dark. At the same time, the color of the curtain should not be so dark fading due to strong light coming through the window. Now, a curtain should not completely block the entry of light (unless, of course, you prefer that). In my opinion, it is better to choose a dark color in a fabric that allows light half balanced but not annoying.

Size: size matters because some patterned curtains or sometimes some colors do not look good on windows too big or too small. A huge floor to ceiling window, French style, does not look good adorned with a lace curtain. However, it is important to evaluate all the space before giving immovable rules about it. A small window requires a light color, light, floating curtains instead of heavy curtains and drapes. The window size will also determine the cost of the shade. This may be an important factor if you are opting for an expensive material. It measures very well and remember that the curtain should be a little loose, never stretched or too fair.

The living room should have a happy and welcoming touch to it. It should be well ventilated and have enough light to not imparted a gloomy, even on rainy days. A solution for this space are the double curtains: a very light, thin and light miss about it, other than a contrasting color in a slightly denser tissue.

In the bedroom, the curtains be chosen carefully, as should create an environment conducive to sleep. Avoid using too dark a color, it will create a closed environment and a bit claustrophobic. Do not be afraid to use bright colors and if you decide on lace curtains or semi transparent, be careful they do not affect your privacy.

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