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Are varied species of flowering plants and greater reach and splendor during the summer months. Informed about different varieties of plants, clarifying previously saying summer plant species, we are not referring to species completely adaptable to extreme heat or drought periods. There summer plants and adapted to resist high temperatures, but not at times without water.

Plants ideal for summerFirstly talk about flowers and trees of summer. The hanging petunia (Surfinia) and Verbena repens are ideal plants. They offer a range of beautiful summer colors. The Surfinia requires plenty of water, whereas the most distant watering Verbena required.

Within the framework of trees, Albizia recommend Lagestroemia julibrisim and indicated. Both species require a particular irrigation, the irrigation requires a moderate Lagestroemia while Albizia requires distant though copious irrigation.

Shrubs and vines for summer

Within the range of summer shrubs are the Hibiscus syriacus, the Nerium oleander, both with low water requirements, the Lantana camara requires copious water reaches the Convolvulvus flourish without water. All these species offer an extensive range of colors in summer.

As part of the vines, the Bouganvillea stand, which requires a major irrigation for better flowering. Campsis radicans The, needs a weekly watering. The Lonicera japonica irrigation also requires a week. The Passionflower caeruela case does not need water. All these species are typical of summer, given its flowering in the hot months. The colors offered by these shrubs vines are very intense and flashy, more than adequate for the summer.

The garden design should seek a balance between plants is chosen by the linking of good way colors and shapes. Call for the best use of space and generate different environments within the garden.

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