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The decor is one of the main elements in a home, can transmit light, colorful and even warmth, something important in autumn. If you want to entertain your home decor, we give some tips for this. If you want to follow the latest trends in decoration and give a different touch to your home, here are some of our proposals launched.

How to warm up the decor in autumn

Romanticism, a return to the classic decor

In this fall if you want to avoid the cold and give a cozy feel to your stay, choose a decor that will be both useful and beautiful.

The basic colors are red, yellow or orange (that closely resemble this time of year), beige, pink and ocher (used more in romanticism). All these colors can be combined in plants, candles, tapestries (for example you can use these colors on the covers of the sofa or Norse), carpets, rugs and other decorative objects.

Another thing that you can not miss are the pictures or items like embroidery, use to recall the landscape with autumn flowers and motifs.

But in winter should prevail especially the comfort and utility, why repartid for different rooms and colocadlas folded blankets in the back of the sofa or at the foot of the bed. We give a homely feel and be very useful when you have cold.

Another very useful and decorative are candles, usadlas as centerpieces or candelabras. The best are the scented candles.

Completadlo all with vintage objects, not only because it will help to give that touch of romance you seek, but because you can find things tremendously original and cheaply. You can do it with embroidered cushions, chandeliers, lamps and frames.

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