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In economic crisis is becoming more important to save. We go out less and avoid unnecessary purchases, but also can save at home, but often do not know how and where to start. Today we show you how to save in the bathroom. You’d be surprised to know that about 70% of the water consumed in our homes comes from the bathroom for our personal hygiene and more down the toilet, but of course, it is essential to use the bathroom. Well, we can teach you some tricks so you can save even half the consumption.

How to save on bathroom

Causes of water and energy expenditure

Often we open faucets to brush our teeth, shaving or washing your hands and face. In addition to bathe occasionally splurged too much water.

A common practice is to use very negative but the toilets as trash, it must strictly avoid. We review the faucets and check for leaking, plus ensure that the tank does not leak.

How to Save

To brush our teeth we can fill a glass of water and use only that for enjuagarnos. We may also use the sink stopper, pour water and use this amount to wash our hands and face in the morning.

At swim would consume a large amount of water and energy, much higher than if we shower.

We must be vigilant if we appreciate any dripping faucets or leaking pipes and radiators. For leaks can use putty is very easy to apply and thus avoid water loss.

In the market there are shower heads and faucets low power regulating water pressure. As in the tank can invest in partial discharge switches.

It is very important to regulate energy and for that we can attach a thermostat or a timer so you can turn on and heat water only when needed.

On many occasions we entered the bathroom by mistake then we forget to turn off the light. You can install a motion sensor to turn on the light when it detects someone enters the bathroom or a timer switch.


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