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Have you been paying big bucks for your electricity bill each month? Wondering, You tecnopiano, why spend so much energy no matter how much I try to save off your electronics and lights when not in use? But the real question is this. Does it really have anything to do with their lights and appliances? Or perhaps, is aware that a problem occurred with the air ducts? A poorly sealed air duct produces greater energy consumption. If you trust seal it with a cloth, will not solve the problem. The following describes some ways to fix the air ducts.

air ducts• How to seal air ducts with caulk

It is faster to apply caulk to apply tape. Furthermore, lasts longer and is more efficient.

1. Clean the surface with a damp cloth if it is full of dust, oil and grease layer.

2. Load the brush with caulk and cover the entire joint continuously. With the tip of the brush to apply the caulk into the joint. Spread putty at least one inch on each side of the joint to be sufficiently thick (about 1/16 inch) to cover the metal surfaces.

3. If the space in the connection duct is greater than ¼ inch, then use a membrane besides fiberglass putty. If the membrane has an adhesive side, cut enough membrane to cover the joint, put in place and then cover with mastic. To completely cover the membrane, more mastic applied. Similarly, if the membrane is not an adhesive side, apply a thin layer of putty, then the membrane and finally reapply a layer of putty.

4. Wrap pipes with insulation. It can be installed on the wet putty, but do not try to move the pipes too and thus can damage the sealing putty. Before applying the caulk, make sure you have finished with the conduit holder.

• round to rectangular transition
The glass fiber membrane may crumple when placed in a joint between round and rectangular ducts. Use a knife to flatten, cut every 2 inch pieces, then wrap around the duct.

• Recommendations of the putty
Use caulk 181-M and M UL 181B. These types of caulking are designed for the repair and installation of ducts. It can be applied with a brush, a gloved hand, a trowel, or spray to apply the insulation product. Although this wet putty, you can apply insulation.

Now that you’ve learned how to repair air ducts, probably will not have more problems with your electric bill. And whenever you feel that your bills are going to be very high again, no stop check your air ducts, and you are ready to repair.


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