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The bathroom house has no longer a forgotten, lifeless space to become whole “sanctuary” where we take time to relax and feel good, as if it were a small spa at home. Columns and whirlpools, color therapy, etc., Are some of the extra benefits we enjoy when we take a simple bath. Getting inside our bathroom pleasant is essential. To do this, you do not need to make a comprehensive and costly reform gradually can give a new look, without performing complicated and expensive works. Takes note of the advice Decora Ilumina shares with you:

renovate bathroomImproves vanity area

You can place a new piece of furniture or save dramatically enhances as installing a standard with large drawers, organizers cosmetics, creams, etc. You can also take advantage of the furniture you have and give it a new style replacing doors or replacing the countertop.

If you’re sharing a bathroom, the only place a large sink for two people will save space instead of two small, well if you put the faucet on the wall will be more comfortable and leave space for soaps, glasses, toothbrush holder, etc..

The superimposed basins have charm, because they remember the old batteries. They can fit perfectly in a minimalist style bathroom or zen or one vintage air.


The ideal distribution is to place the sink area by the door, the tub and shower next to the toilet windows and, if possible, hidden behind a wall or half wall.

Also dramatically enhances a cabinet of largely very useful, but not to take up too much space, it is best to be with the light shelves or suspended.

Floors and walls

If you want to save floor installed without removing the original floor. For example, a synthetic floating parquet prepared to resist moisture. You can also opt for ceramic tiles that are assembled without adhesive.

On the walls are endless options, from placing thin ceramic sheets, colored glass panels, paint the tiles with a vitreous enamel or paint the tile joints (in a traditional white or cream, gray, red, etc. ).

Changing health

Cancel the bidet is one of the least expensive changes and also helps you to have more space available. Replace the bathtub for a shower is one of the reforms “easier” and for added convenience to users of the bathroom.

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