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Cork is a natural material and dynamic that comes from the bark of the cork. It is used as thermal and acoustic insulation. Let’s see how to install it. First we clean the dust and dirt that may be on the ground where the cork will place and get a good grip and it must be perfectly level.

How to put cork on the floor

How to put cork on the floor

After cleaning and leveling the area, we can begin the process. Will post first cork tiles in the second row, because as usual the walls are not totally straight we will have to get the soil well. With a string line will tile straight lines of 35 cm. To apply the glue use a short nap roller and corner edges and a flat brush.

Will glue the tiles and let your back until the glue has dried a bit. Will place the first tile in the corner of Cork following the line with the string. Once we stuck just loosen it with a spatula if necessary replacing it correctly. We will take the second tile and will stick securely attached to the first and following the mark string. Once set, the strike with the mallet to seat.

One advantage of this type of soil is that once painted will not be deformed by changes in humidity and temperature.
Continue placing the cork on the floor

Once you have installed all cork flooring, give three coats of varnish. The edges and corners of the will with the brush and the rest with roller, applying a thick layer covering well all joints and holes. Once dry it until smooth lijaremos to apply other layers of varnish.

The first two layers the let dry for 3 to 6 hours and the third for at least 10 hours. After one week the ground and have the perfect hardness.

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