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When choosing rugs to dress shows house usually two problems facing us, one to find the design in keeping with the decor of the room in which we will place other than their size and fit the space we want to cover. But today these two problems are solvable. As for size, although standard carpet, have a maximum range of five or six steps by model, however, in many companies, we have the possibility to order our custom rug and even a measure often give us the option of combine the base with the border that we want.

How to pick a perfect rugs

Natural fibers such as jute, coconut, sisal and other fabrics … as chenille, wool, leather, microfiber … from classic models in solid colors or with embroidery, carpets to bedrooms designed for children and youth in bright colors and patterned striking, since the most functional, to protect us from the cold ground, to the most sophisticated and elegant carpets, fancy decor, all made with the highest quality requirements are fully available to our market.

As for the designs, today companies like BSB help us to give a touch of glamor to our home, with unique designs inspired rugs like the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright whose legacy of geometric patterns, combined with shades of natural silk used in the making of these rugs, used to dress and decorate any room in the house.

Also distributor of carpets DAC presents cutting-edge designer collections as Jordi Labanda or David Dolphin presented more sophisticated proposals, which will make sure that our house is a different place. Carpets of these designers are very diverse in terms of designs, there with flowers, geometric squares, circles, ovals, the need to have irregular lines, others seem there are cuts made with wild prints … in short, a thousand and a variety for everyone.

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