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It is an inexpensive way to get home and also soap ecological, since oil pulling becomes contaminated rivers, seas and affects the health of fish. For soaps of different colors and smells, so you just book the used oil and the mixture do we explain below. It is a slow but very simple. The first thing to do is go reserving two gallons of used oil and strained.

how to make soap oil

Mix it half a kilo of caustic soda with two liters of water and will remove. Add the oil saved and will warm up to boiling for two hours, stirring all the time in the same direction. When we leave to cool a little we can add coloring to give different colors and scents to make it smell nice. Having made it volcaremos mixtures in containers carefully and wait up to a month to harden.

We can pour into small containers or large one, but before it hardens completely have to cut it to get smaller soaps.

If we mix well with a glass of powdered detergent soap will get the same smell that clean our clothes.

If we get different colored soaps or scents just have to separate certain amounts of mixture and prepare separately adding the desired coloring and essence.

Uses of used oil soap

Caustic soda we can get at the drugstore. It is a very dangerous as it can burn, so it is important to use at all times gloves and goggles.

These soaps can be used to wash clothes by hand or grate if we can use it in the washer.

It is also helpful to clean the bathrooms, disinfects and leaves a shiny finish.

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