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You are expecting a baby and as evident must make room for him at home, starting with the room. But how do if now in times of crisis, we have a limited budget? Do not fret, you can restore an old room and get a great and cheerful bedroom for the new and long awaited family member.


nursery room

To begin we must think of the current furniture that can serve as a bed, night table, chairs, lamps, etc., The rest is better to get rid of it. For the bed can eliminate headboards and footboards and buy a mattress with legs only, game will give you more time to decorate the room.

After removing the furniture that do not work, you can paint the walls a light color to convey calm the baby to sleep, such as a cream, peach, mauve, blue, pink or yellow. You can paint the headboard wall with a more cheerful if you want to give a different touch. Buy some vinyl children to decorate the wall with different sizes, models and colors, such as the vinyl meters, Disney or animals, your child will love.

Reforming the furniture chosen

Antique furniture you’ve been changing them can simply renew color. For this the first thing is to apply a coat of primer, then sanding and finally painting it the color you like and make it consistent with the rest of the room. If you are good at drawing you can be creative and create a bear, a star or sun to give it a more childish.

Change the display of lamps for a more cheerful or you can also paint some bright colors of the same structure.

The cabinet doors can paint them, even every color, will be fun. In the room decor can add stuffed animals, a box with the name of your son, a big trunk to store toys, etc..

Do not forget that the room has to be happy and if you chose to paint the walls in soft colors with accessories you can play much more cheerful tones.

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