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Carpets are essential for decor in our home and are the center of sophistication of our living room or because they are very colorful and varied designs. But often our carpets get dirty because they fall on strong liquids like coffee or wine, not constantly clean or dirt from shoes that are impregnated in them. Cleaning method is almost impossible because we do not know how to do a thorough cleaning because we fear to break, fray or discolor. The most popular methods are three:

carpets lounge* Dry cleaning: This method uses no water, detergents and solvents that only penetrate the tissues of our carpets aided by a special brush serving to rubbing. This causes the formation of small portions of dirt and detergent, which is then subtracted repeatedly through a vacuum. The dry cleaning cleans and oriental rugs that have a tendency to fade.

* Cleaning spray: This is another very good method but it takes a little time to do it. There are sprays on the market that contain a foam that is sprayed on the carpet in a light coat, then rub with a sponge, let dry for four hours (for a good result) and the end sought. Should not exceed the amount of foam that may be too wet.

* Clean with hot water. This method is expensive because it requires cleaning of industrial machines that apply high pressure detergents. This allows dirt to easily detach from the fibers and are then vacuum. They must follow all instructions carefully so that the carpet is in good condition, that is why this type of cleaning is done in professional centers wash.

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