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One of the things that create more atmosphere inside a house are the windows. No matter which room you want to decorate it, always look better and more personalized when you carry curtains or a special type of windows. Although most can go unnoticed, the decorating the windows with these details gives a bonus to the decor of your home or office. But to start doing so we must put aside the idea of ​​the typical lace curtains and valance that are not only old, but outmoded.

decorate windows

In any case you can wear them when it comes to classic decor with colonial style furniture and antiques that require a retro frame to maintain the ideal look. As an example of this design length curtains with flower patterns that blend perfectly with these chairs light green vertical lines.

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The type of curtain or accessory that we place the windows depend on the use that is given to space, thereby to enhance or not the entry of light and complement the decor of the space.

So if it comes to living and dining rooms of contemporary design you can wear this design of Roman shades that are characterized by carrying rods between the fabric, helping to tighten them and collect them. Such curtains are ideal for double rooms.

If you want to decorate kitchens or bedrooms of teenagers, one option is louvered wooden doors, which can be painted in white to give more light to enter. You can also adherirle vinyl images or applications. These look elegant classic kitchens overlooking parks or gardens.

But if you do not like ornate curtains can use simple trend, placing a tube in the top frame of the window and simply hanging a curtain of gauze, lace or material you prefer. To pick can put it together on the side or lift in the post.

Finally, if you want to give an elegant look to your field and room living room or bedroom, you can put in windows and doors with windows complement guillotine.

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