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The decor of an office is essential for productivity and projecting the image of a company to its customers. They should try to create a balanced environment in every way and for that we must sharpen our wits to get as far as possible.

How to decorate an office

In the workplace spend many hours, so the atmosphere should be welcoming to be comforting environment also in well conditioned and decorated spaces, optimizing the performance of workers and even reduce stress casualties because everything that surrounds a person, has a great influence on her. Are advisable spacious, light and not getting a place must be compensated with the furniture layout, choice of materials, colors, etc..

Key elements include, desks, which should be broad, ergonomic chairs, one or more wall shelves for books or binders, plus drawers or side tables to place accessories that need to have on hand. Moreover, the wall should be painted a light color to keep the brightness and have a generally good lighting and spot and finally, a touch of color in some little detail or some decorative element on the wall or shelf , can help create the feeling sought.

Transparent panels help to generate scale and space. The comfortable furniture, original decorative and functional elements generate a pleasant working atmosphere. Houseplants, while adding life and color to any environment, help you relax.

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