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My favorite alternative cooling mechanism is a good drink. It is portable, easy to operate and provides instant refreshment. Although you can install solar panels, a wind turbine or a small dam to generate electricity to run the air conditioning, the only real alternative in terms of cooling methods is an underground bomb geo thermal.

Household RefrigerationThe cost of this type of system can be recovered in as little as two years for a new home installation, but the initial capital will have to do with the budget that is driving the owner. Suppose you renegotiate the mortgage on their home for $ 20,000 and has the option to choose from a new kitchen and a geo thermal pump. How many geo thermal pumps have seen in your neighborhood lately?

Cheaper options to consider:
The only people who have not discovered the benefits of sealing, insulation and filling cracks are still living in caves or huts.

Ceiling fans, portable stand and produce a movement of air through his skin cold increases evaporation. A moderate breeze of one or two miles per hour can extend your comfort enough.

Fans throughout and evaporative coolers (or swamp).
These items can reduce air conditioning costs in half or more but are only effective if you live in a particularly dry climate (less than 40% moisture).

White roofs.
Elastomeric roof coatings reflect 90% of the sun’s rays and can reduce internal temperature by 7 °, according to research conducted by the laboratory of the corporation MER. These coatings are for flat roofs and cost about half a dollar per square foot of implementation.

Radiant barriers.
These bright restrictive barriers keep out excess heat in the summer and keep their homes warm during the winter. Are attached to the joint structure of the house and a 97% reflect radiant heat having on it. The solar energy center in Florida (a nonprofit company) has shown that such barriers can reduce cooling costs by at least 20%.

Air conditioners.
Clean your appliance filters once a month. Turn off the unit when not to be used for more than one hour. This will save you money. Lower the blinds when you’re at work. Clean rooms that are not used or, if you have central air conditioning, turn off appliances and close doors.

Set the thermostat on your drive in 25 degrees or higher, if you have ceiling fans. For every degree you raise, you can save 3% to 5% on your electric bill. But if you really want to save money, then invent a cooling system that works based on corn.

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