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The yacht moored in the harbor of fashion is no longer carried. Now the more ‘fashion’ move in search of freedom in aquatic and Trilobis 65 houses. The design of this boat-house capable of submerging in water is inspired by the trilobites. It is a creation by Italian designer Giancarlo Zema Design Group. And it costs about four million. Calderilla for tycoons on the Forbes list.

Homes aquatic futuristic designs

In Trilobis 65 there is room for six people and has four floors that are connected by a spiral staircase (measuring 20 x 13 meters). The lower floor is completely submerged in the water so that its residents can watch the sea and all its fauna and flora. The third floor is 0.8 meters below sea level, semi-submerged. In addition to a futuristic design and modern, very original, Trilobis 65 has a range of resources to make it a sustainable aquatic housing.

The architect Giancarlo Zema is famous worldwide for its innovative and reminiscent of science fiction movies. And all the ambition that its inhabitants find harmony with nature. For example, Neptus 60 is a spectacular cliff house. Its name is inspired by the neptus, small amphibians inhabiting the sea 500 years ago.

Another impressive houses overlooking the sea floor is home to aquatic called Jelly-fish 45. It also draws on a sea animal, in this case the jellyfish. It measures 9 x 15 meters and is designed for habitation by six people. The five floors are connected by a spiral staircase. And as Trilobis 65, the top floor is for the observation of the seabed. Frond Village is a project to build several houseboats. They are inspired by the palm trees.

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