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When purchasing a new home there are many responsibilities associated to simultaneously assume. A home includes many services that in some cases can be dangerous, speak of light, water, gas. Any small problem can lead to minor flooding, fire, or explosion. To prevent any incident can ruin our main investment home purchase insurance coverage offered to these accidents. Home insurance can cover both damage arising in our home as we can about the neighbors cause some sort of incident with the aforementioned services.

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The price of home insurance depends on many factors, which to some extent can be adjusted up to a policy with which we feel comfortable. A continuacón analyze the factors of interest.

Living area: applying logic the larger the household size the greater the cost of housing. To do this we ask the square meters.

Property Age: Age is also a factor of great weight as an older home often means more infrastructure problems. Older means more cost.

Continent: this parameter determines the value asocido to the structure of the property, ie what comes with the house. Its value should correspond to the cost of housing reconstruction.

Content: In this concept includes all accessories located within the housing, ie furniture, appliances, objects, etc.. We can set its value at will, although this value will determine the maximum cost that the insurer will assume.

Additional parameters when setting the cost of insurance companies asking lots of extra information that influences the price of the policy, namely the property status, height, garage, individual security, collective security, and a long etcetera.

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