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The purchase of the home is for most Spanish families the most important investment of a lifetime, so it is vital to properly protect homeowners insurance tailored to the type of house. In Spain there are more than 20 home insurance companies, so it is vital to compare prices and coverage before making a decision. Therefore we recommend you to call 902 515 494 for a specialist adviser study your case in detail and will prepare a customized benchmark.

home insurance comparisonA level information include home insurance that belong to the property insurance industry, ie those in which the insurance coverage covenants to property damage. In this regard it is important that unlike car insurance, house insurance is mandatory only in fire mode when there is a mortgage in which the collateral is the house. There is therefore no legal obligation to hire more hedge on housing, although in most cases it is highly recommended expanding coverage against damage caused by the action of the water, lightning or theft.

Home Insurance Comparison

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Another point of relevance under home insurance is to set the value of the building and contents of the home as possible to the real value, because otherwise in case of accident, the compensation may not fully cover the damage .

Finally, we must draw attention to the importance of reading the fine print of contracts, to have full knowledge of caseloads that are actually covered, as the policies of different insurers have significant differences between them, both the concepts covered as in the amount of compensation.


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