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Home remodeling involves more than just building a room, change a shelf or paint the kitchen walls. It implies also breathe new life into the environment and enhance your living space to give proper use, especially when the area is very large. One of the main rooms of the house is the bathroom, and sometimes, go messy for lack of space or because the space is so large that there is no way to fill so much space, and finally ended up turning it into a store bathroom.

bathroom remodeling

If you’re tired of seeing wasted space in your bathroom, I propose four designs for decorating large bathroom to take every inch of the area. For example, if your bathroom is rectangular thin, you can opt for this distribution, which combines bath tub and shower, sink and toilet with ample furniture.

As no more space, drawers for storing towels or other bathroom accessory are placed under the sink, also the toilet is located opposite the mirror to see more clearly. The furniture is inspired by a combination of mahogany wood and bamboo style combine with white ceramic.

If the bathroom has rectangle to the bottom you can opt for this distribution that combines a double sink with mirror in cherry color and lead. Both colors will help us relax our style and give a new design concept.

An example is this image, we see a wide space between the elements of the bathroom. Likewise cabinets for storing towels are suspended on the wall and hidden drawers under the sink.

Square dimensions baths can develop its own model based on this design in blue and white tone. Its natural design resembles the water in the pools and the main advantage of occupying spaces like the tub, the sink, and toilet. Here also takes advantage of the light entering the surface reflecting heavenly amosaicadas walls.

Our last option is this bathroom inspired by the colors of the river rocks, combined with black and brown marble of natural woods. This exotic blend results in a more spacious bathroom that looks like a spa.

The tub, sink and toilet are placed in white, while the floor and shelves and counters are made of wood or wood-like finish. The marble wall covers the area of ​​the toilet and shower area, both of which are located in front of the glass wall that allows light only.

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