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* Select plants causing be touched, such as the bark textured.
* Attractive guy is a pine tree or other small size.
* Attract much velvety textured plants such as the mullein and sage.
* Avoid the house and garden thorny plants, which generate better ticklish when touched (the cockscomb, amaranth, ragweed, etc..).
* They are lovely tickling feet, you can get soft surface including plants such as angel’s tears, thyme salsa, moss, etc..

home and garden
The sense of smell
The interesting thing is to think of the garden as a focus of aromatherapy in the home. That should choose plants with greater emotional potential. Note that most of the flowers express their fragrances when you touch them.

* Scents mobilize memories, to avoid forgetting should mount a garden full of sweet flowers like lilies.
* If what you are perfumes of spring, cultivated currant with hyacinths and daffodils.
* The smells of summer are achieved with lilies and roses.
* Enjoy refreshing scents, planting verbena, mint or basil.

The sense of taste

* Trasforme your backyard into a garden of fruits and vegetables. The edible landscape are very useful in small gardens.
* Able to grow in your garden so then take his own table, is an amazing experience, as this allows you to eat organic and fresh products.
* If you want to optimize the space of the house and garden, grow at different levels and make the area in novel ways.
* Decorate the garden combining vegetables and herbs in raised beds.

The sense of hearing
We can say that there are seeds where birds sing. If you plant sunflowers, millets and safflowers these are going to attract. Another tip for the home and garden, is to hang bells on the branches and trees to create a soft percussion.

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