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The trails in a garden not only influence the aesthetic impression of green space, but also in its structure, in the different divisions and may have different spaces that can determine the paths being separated. In this case focus on sand paths, knowing that roads can be made of different materials. For sandy paths in the garden, it is advisable to be built in secondary sites, less traveled, because for those busiest road is always better to opt for strong and durable materials, as can the concrete slab, or stone.

Hiking and garden structureAnyway, the main virtue of the sand trails that are easy to build and much cheaper than the others.

Construction of sand paths

These sandy trails which we speak are elaborated with fine sand. As we said, are simple to build, starting flatten the land and determine, having previously studied the terrain, the route that will chart the path.

It is advisable not to use too large a path not wide, it being necessary for a space that can move the two simultaneously. Clearly, whoever focuses its efforts on the development of a sandy path will the most suitable for your garden, but it is good to remember that it is not ideal as the vials of sand are the main, but side trails.

With regard to materials, it is best to develop them with clay. In turn, it is best to carry out a trail of sand in dry and arid with little rain, otherwise, be generated in rainy muddy.

Finally, remember also decorate the edges of the path, giving a personal touch.

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