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If we think of the place in which to place a rug, the vast majority of people will say that on the ground, but can be a perfect decorative element if we post them on the wall as a tapestry, creating a rather surprising and striking. This idea is highly recommended for those houses whose decor is based on an oriental style.

rugs on wall

A twist to the walls

Long this takes decorative technique used in Eastern cultures who liked to decorate their walls with large carpets and rugs made by hand, as a symbol of glitz and grandeur of those who could afford to decorate their rooms with them.

Today, we will not give these connotations but we can adapt the idea to decorate our home to give a different touch to walls that are bare and loudly ask us to hang some element in them.

No need or we buy a new carpet, now that is so fashionable to reuse elements, certainly if we look in the attic or in the closets have saved some carpet that whatever and do not give the use for which the acquired and may be suitable to wear on our wall.

Different ways to hang

The options are many and we hang them choose the one that best suits the decor of the room in which we will place it. We hold it to the wall with thumbtacks or nails like a box or we can place it on a frame or bar as if it were a curtain.

Another alternative is to place the carpet within a frame and place it like a painting or a film. If we want to emphasize that touch, you can also place a glass top to give more aspect that we are facing a unique valuable tissues.

You see, often enough to give a different use to ornaments to revolutionize the look of our house and we had to reuse furniture stored for a long time. In this case, you will have only to choose the mode and the arrangement in which you are going to hang the carpet.

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