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If you love wine the next article is for you. Today I bring you an excellent and economical idea to hang our wine glasses. Just need a rake head and a pair of hooks. And the result is as special as you can see in the picture. Perhaps most difficult to carry out this decorative idea is to find a rake head as old as the image. Without it the result may not be as rustic, yet you find alternatives depends equally useful, sure there are.

Hang cups made ​​with an old rake

Let’s use the rake head that we use, we will see how it performs this DIY idea. The first thing to do is separate the head from the handle of the rake. Once you have time to study if the rake is finished we are looking for.

The more “used” look rake, more rustic feel will give our idea. But we should not spend because if there is excess spoil oxide glasses. Should have had better give it a pass antirust paint.

Once we have prepared rake head we will only fasten to the wall. How? Ideally two hooks placed on either side of it. Although you can always provide an alternative to your “harvest”.

And this is how we will bring to our kitchen a personal touch and charming with very few elements. If you urge to perform this decorative idea Tatteredstyle extracted from blog, go up pictures of her.We are happy to see them!

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