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The Kaldewei shower surfaces have become indispensable elements in the designer bathrooms. Being hygienic, functional and elegant blend seamlessly with the other components of the environment modern. In his collection “Coordinated Colours”, Kaldewei offers a new and versatile solution for the bathroom provided with a series of twelve colors selected. The various shades of shower surfaces are designed to provide greater sensuality and aesthetics to the bathrooms renovated romantic.

glazed shower KALDEWEIThe colors in this collection have been selected to blend perfectly with most floor coverings, striking contrasts getting yet elegant.

So far, more destados tones of showers glazed surfaces are wood browns, blacks and grays deep dream.
The white color left behind

To Kaldewei pioneer in fusing steel and enamel products, the color white is outdated. Today, in the bathroom should prevail natural colors that relax and invite you to enjoy the environment.

With its wide variety of colors in glazed shower surfaces, the brand hopes to please all users who want to set a trend in modern planning their bathrooms.

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