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The gerberas are the most commonly used flowers to place in your home, so it looks so delicate environments accompany a special aroma. These flowers are of the choicest, you must know that there is a wide variety of colors and different species. You can choose according to personal taste.

Choose them to locate in environments where you want to put a personal imprint on the decor, as well as have the ability to make a decorative ornament to place them as a table centerpiece, or perhaps give a more delicate and sensitive to your home.


If you’re interested in making a floral motif with gerberas, the options are varied and you can always fit their personal tastes, but perhaps have less time to devote to the decor, then an infinite number of different options encontrarais sites as well other accessories for gerberas is an incredible look at home.

Gerberas can also form part of your garden, because when you consider some care, you must know that the stems have to cut them out about every two days, so the flower can grow more beneficial.

A very interesting trick podaréis note is regarles upon only be applied two drops of alcohol conseguiréis thereby achieve firm keeping, for growth.

Avoid placing them in very dark places as it is important the light source, and must avoid the cold as they are sensitive to very low temperatures.

Try these beautiful flowers form on any part of your home, excellently benefit harmony in decorating.

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