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Geranium is a good choice decorative, colorful and undemanding joy that filled every corner of your deck, patio or garden. The geranium is a plant native to the South African region of the Cape of Good Hope, and was later introduced to Europe around 1700. The scientific name is pelargonium and geranium belongs to the family Geraniaceae. This family comprises about 11 genera and has between 250 and 400 different species.

geranium types

The variety of geraniums is so big that there are plenty of colors and shapes to choose from. In the nineteenth century botanists of the time is devoted to creating numerous hybrids of geraniums on the basis of different fashions.

Of all the groups of geraniums, the basics are common climbers, pelargoniums grandifolios and aromatic leaves.

-The common geraniums are known as “zonal pelargoniums” because of the color band that crowns its heart-shaped leaves. The colors of the flowers are varied, from white to pink and red to purple depending on the type. Grown in gardens and in pots and in optimal environments may reach 2 meters. They are rarely found in very cold areas.

Geraniums are climbing-shaped leaves of ivy. These geraniums are characterized by bearing down, which favors that are popular for flower windows, balconies and hanging plants.

-The pelargoniums geraniums grandifolios are among the least known. These are people have a woody shrub and tree trunks.

-Leaf pelargoniums geraniums have fragrant tiny flowers. However, the leaves, when rubbed, very different scents emanating like lemon, camphor, orange, apple, strawberry or lemon balm.
Geranium unfamiliar Utilities

The geranium was once considered a great curative plant and used as a remedy for wounds, skin problems, ulcers and also to stop bleeding. Also known as an antidepressant, sedative for anxiety and nervous tension.

Of geranium leaves are extracted essential oils used in the perfume industry and cosmetics, as well as in pharmacology and medicine.


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