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It seems that this carpet was chosen considering all abstract paintings hanging behind the sofa. His large-scale geometric design and palette of deep blues are the absolute protagonists of this environment, the pictures just keep you company. It is a new trend after these years of rugs woven with floral motifs on a large scale also. There is a return to traditional designs inspired by the patterns of ancient kilims and dhurries, but reinterpreted with a more contemporary eye exaggerates the scale of the designs and vivid colors combined limiting them to two or three at the most.

geometric rugs design
They are ideal for environments vitalize a good neutral base, such as a dining room decorated with sober and monochrome furniture will give a good base and turn it into a cozy and warm.

In rooms decorated in beige and natural tones, a rug with a geometric design in black and white is the perfect counterpoint and give us a ticket to enter also upholstered in this fashion so super combination. (Eye, the revival of Op-art fashion is just around the corner).

In dining rooms with dark wood furniture, go for a carpet in a brighter color like this red oxide and neutralizarás visual overload that occurs with excess wood

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