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The decor plays a very important role in the festivities, because a few simple details cohere manage the space and give it a completely different character everyday festive. The decor, by itself, is able to seat the party theme and give color to the place. Far from what you may believe, modern decor to make your celebration does not have to cost a fortune. With a bit of tissue paper colors you want you can create these geometric decorations for parties.


Instructions for making these tissue paper lanterns for the festival can be found on page Oh Happy Day, one of my favorite websites to find decorations in style and color. To begin creating these decorations need tissue paper, thread, needle and tape.

Start by folding a sheet of tissue paper in half. Fold it like an accordion, marking each fold well. Unfold and refold the bottom, leaving the central fold outwards. Sewing a pair of stitches to hold them together and repeats the operation at the opposite end. Connecting the center of the sheet, opening a bit, with a piece of tape to form the lamp.

Repeat with the remaining sheets. If you want to make a smaller, fold and cut the bottom ends before folding. You can hang your tissue paper lamps using some nylon thread and tape. How are light enough, you will not have trouble hanging from the ceiling. To see more pictures and detailed instructions, check out Oh Happy Day!

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