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Many think that to achieve a good decoration at home is necessary to spend a lot of money, nothing is further from reality, here we show how you can decorate with some elements as simple as tree branches. The tree branches are items that you can find easily and that can help you in decorating your home in a simple way. In addition to save you money on the purchase of decorative objects, aprovecharéis elements that have fallen from the trees and nobody gives them another utility.

Garnish with tree branches

Branches as centerpieces

Whether the overall decor of the house, as to dates such as now the fall, the tree branches are elements that are very fashionable, even in the centerpieces.

For example, items decorated with beads, crystals or stones in sea in the background, we can accompany with fine twigs here.

Another idea is to hook on branches Christmas notes or proposals for the new year which will come soon, and put everything in a vase decorated with other flowers.

If conseguis branches are fat, you can make a hole in the middle to place a candle.

Branches with utility

Other than as mere decorative objects, branches, especially those that are large and wide, can serve as useful.

One use that most often given is to be used as coat racks. You can get three distinct branches, two hooked on the wall and a long as support for hanging clothes. This will give a totally rustic touch to your home, but mostly it will be a unique object.

Another of the most common uses is as a stick to hold the curtains, which replaces the typical iron bars. All you will need are the hooks.

You can also use the branches to place fat bulbs and use as bedside lamps.

Clean the branches

Whatever you do you have in mind, first of all you must prepare the branches.

Cleanse thoroughly branches, eliminating bugs, dust and filing any defect it has about the same, so you escape that one day you may snag or punch you with it.

Comprobad resistance, especially if you are going to use to hang things, thus avoid work at all.

Depending on what you want to do with them, grab a spray of color you want and pintadlas. You can even make them in different colors.


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