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The choice of the tree species to be planted is as important as the location that will be given. The spaces in the garden that we have determined the type of tree that we planted. In turn, assess properly the shadow that give the tree, at what time of day it will, that no tape to any neighbor or slow winds. Studying the movement of the sun in the garden is important to decide where, as we decide when and where we will have the shade and not take away from the sunlight during winter home. Furthermore, the location of the tree that is going to important plant according to elegance or to the environment resulting from it.

The location of the tree in the gardenIn many cases the location is decided to avoid cutting or views spaces. However it is not advisable for the ends plant or garden perimeters, it may happen that the central garden area is empty.

Tree species for the garden

According to the species of tree that we will choose, we must have the necessary information about it. The shape, the architecture and color of the house, can influence the tree that we will choose. Inquire about textures, fruits, sprouts and tree colors after growth, give us some clues about what the most appropriate.

In turn, the design should take the tree dimension after development, in order to prevent closure of some way to a yard sector. Neither should be planted nearby, it will hinder its growth. It also must be planted at a distance from the house, because the roots can hinder construction. Some trees are less invasive roots: Catalpa, Linden, Acer.

Finally, some difference for choosing the best tree can be given for quality of deciduous or evergreen. Deciduous trees have the advantage of allowing the passage of the sun in winter, while generating good shade in summer. Evergreen trees serve as wind barriers or sounds. The Aromo, loquat and Magnolia, evergreen trees are good.

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