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Currently, many have had to do without a garden, this quiet corner that, regardless of size, we provided a relaxing time and allow a nice view. And the trend makes more people choose to live in an apartment (not always located on the first floor) and have, many times, leave this idea aside. However, if you are still lucky to have a balcony in your apartment, here are some tips that will allow you ambientarlo so that almost, almost, you’ll feel like you’re in a natural garden.

garden terrace

The main thing is to recreate the atmosphere using, as far as possible, natural materials such as wood or clay, which are often more durable, besides contributing to the place a touch of rusticity we want.

It is important to note that you have to make a good investment in furniture because, to be placed outdoors, suffer more wear and if the material is not good, will be destroyed soon. You can start, depending on your budget, with a small wooden table and chair, and a few strategically placed pieces of clay. It also includes quartz or granite trim.

If you’re lucky enough that your terrace walls are of stone or brick without tarrajear (may just barnizarlos), painted this corner of a light shade, not forgetting its full harmony with the design of your home. A gray, in all its different shades, can be a good alternative. In homes, also opt for natural stones or flagstones bet on.

And then, put plants! The natural ventilation and lighting will allow you to choose between different species, including various types of herbs and flowers. Think especially in the aromatic (as roses, jasmine or rosemary), besides being beautiful, bring your perfume.

Do not forget to water them at dawn or dusk (never with the sun on the very top). And if the space is large enough, choose a planter and planting her small shrubs (such as laurel), whose abundant foliage you will soon feel into the Garden of Eden.

On the other hand, if you want more privacy from your neighbors, a creeping is also an excellent choice. And if you have a roof structure or something, a hanging plant is also a lovely alternative.

Of course, if your deck is very small, do not overdo it with plants or ornamental elements, as will be “charged” and further reduce space. The ideal is to always seek a proper balance.

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