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If your home has a spacious land, a large garden cultivated by various species of plants and trees, we highly recommend the installation and creation of trails or roads. These paths will generate a good way and walk distraction in order to behold and appreciate the flower varieties and forms of plants and flowers to dress the garden. It is important, if you decide for the development of such paths, giving the right path, looking for the most suitable transit through the vegetation. In turn, you can do some combinations among species, generating a greater attraction for the ride. Find succession of colors and ranges, can accentuate the course favorably.

The best walk in the gardenYou can also set the shape and path of the road, according to movement and frequent transit given by the garden. The roads do not have to be just straight, winding roads can function surprisingly, since it is not coming.

Styles for garden paths

Firstly we can say that both the forms and materials of the path, can be according to what each person wants. However, we can give some advice based on common styles of trails found.

Materials recurrent or vials are paths and concrete slab. Furthermore, other alternatives may be good Japanese roads, sand paths and gravel roads.

Japanese roads are characterized by a width less than the metro, using rodeno slate or tiles, installed on lawn soils. The tiles have a distance hears such agencies without hitting power off the grass.

The paths of sand, made of clay, are recommended for dry environments without much rain, it can generate a lot of mud. The gravel roads are composed of coarse sand, base, and another layer of fine sand. It is important to clean the floor of herbs previously.

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