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Summer has been away, but that’s no reason for us to forget our garden tasks, since in fact this is the time of year when we prepare for you to shine in all its glory in the spring. No best decoration in a house that their gardens are clean and full of energy plants.

* The main issue focalisar in the gardens during the fall, is the same seed collection, then you should save them in a dry, or plant them in almásigos for flowering in the spring.

* Yet, even in this time of year can make some crops, such as marigolds seed or sweet peas, which can be placed without problems in any type of beds, as long as you have previously prepared earth.

* This time of year, is also the best time to break apart clumps of grasses, since they probably have stopped blooming. This is especially important in the case of those plants that have grown too, so you’re probably piling with others found in our garden.

garden renovation* It would also be very useful to cut all the flowers dry, except those who possess inside seedpods, and they want to save for another subsequent seeding. If you do not stay on the ground, may have trouble germinating.

* As we know, pruning is also a classical activity during this season, as it is essential for the plants are ready for spring, especially in regards to shrubs or plants that have recently ceased to flourish.

* Special attention deserve the roses, which could deteriorate if not heavily prune the branches that are dry or overgrown. It will also be very important to cut vines, creepers and ligustrinas.

* In relation to the turf, would be very useful to remove weeds and weeds, as well as smooth out the surface with a fine sand, especially before overseeding season, which is usually done some time before ending the days hot and humid it is autumn.

* Also in relation to the surface, we recommend fertilizing the soil with some organic matter, since during this period there is a wide variety of species begin to bloom, such as the case of the Alpine violets, primroses and violas. With a subscription, without doubt these plants grow stronger.

* If the garden is very large, you may also combine deciduous species with others whose growth is a perennial, because that way you can ensure an attractive view and colorful throughout the year.

* Finally, note also that the fall is also a good time to plant trees, as these have a lower risk of dry, and also grow much more vitality.

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