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The installation of an artificial pond in the garden is not a difficult task to perform, however, if you intend to give a new face to the garden, installation and decoration of a pond is a very good option. The first thing you should consider is the place where you will install the pond. It is advisable to point out correctly that space, in order to take appropriate action and handle. The elements that will have the pond, both the water and the different species of plants, need to be exposed to sunlight for several hours, so it is advisable to locate in a place that provides good daylight hours. In turn, place it under a tree, involve constant fall leaves or branches in the pond, so it is better not to.

garden pond decoratingInstalling the pond

At the time of packaging space to install the pond, the grass should be well cut. In the area where there will be exclusively water, the digging depth should be thirty centimeters. You can always use a prefabricated structure that form.

With a basic background of eight inches, the remaining sectors where will the water depth should reach two feet. At the base must have gravel, topsoil and sand. The element that will shape the pond, is as simple as a tarp. This should be placed after the hole made, with a rest I got over the edges of the hole, about power attaching to the ground. Then water is filled.

Decor in the garden pond

As final advice, we will give a series of elements that can decorate and function in the design of the pond. One option is to mark different zones, composed of different types of plants. Waterfalls can be developed that will give you a good attraction. Natural stones can also be used. In turn, the water plants or marshes plants are a good choice.

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