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When we focus on the selection and acquisition of various furniture for the garden, not entered a simple task of decorating where we depend solely on our tastes, style and decorative purposes. The choice of furniture for the garden from a point different from any other room in the home. Furniture that remain in the garden will be ready to open, exposed to factors that affect a certain way to be considered prior to its acquisition.

What we look to the garden mublesThis must stop, for a while at least, in the background our tastes and pretensions, to look well, and focus on finding the furniture and the right materials, resistant and durable as possible.

What materials are best

At present it is very difficult to find garden furniture that has not been made after taking into account the above aspects. However, there are some materials that are better and more suitable than others to meet this end decorative.

Wood is perhaps the first material that comes to mind when we think of furniture. If you decide on this material, we advise tropical wood, as these are the most resistant to both sun and rain. It will be necessary to apply wood oils, at least annually.

Moreover, the colder material timber in relation to the decor, are iron and aluminum. These materials may not generate a warm or home, but are more durable and stronger than wood. For these materials will be required before application of the antirust paint. This process is good to do it every two years, previously sanding and reapplying paint antirust.

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