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While the cold that comes with the winter months helps protect the plants and flowers in front of some insects, constant frost can significantly affect some of the species we have in the garden. It is important to be prepared and prevent frost, for the first frosts are the most affected. Firstly, both greenhouses and sheds are the best options for safeguarding the sensitive plants and weaker winter. These structures can assist both as to plants grown seeds.

maintaining the garden in winterAs regards these structures may be of glass or plastic, having both strengths and weaknesses. It is important to locate in sunny areas during most of the day, indoor air currents. In turn, it is recommended to ventilate every day, while maintaining control through hygrometer and thermometer, room temperature.

Solutions frost

An alternative to freezing, cheaper than installing a greenhouse or shed, is called planting ridges. This form consists of use for the terrain slopes, directed towards the south, so that no puddles are generated and the temperature rises a few degrees of the land.

Furthermore, there are also some natural choices for the protection of plants. Planting flowers or small plants under larger trees, is a good measure of protection for both frost to cold drafts.

Another option may be the stone walls. Perform some flowers to transplant close to a wall strips help maintain a higher temperature.

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