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The structure and design of a garden are determined largely by the various paths and roads that are drawn on it. However, just as there are different types of paths with regard to the materials to be developed, there are also differences in relation to the location and importance of the way. The main roads of the garden, those busiest and most direct in the garden, should have greater strength and durability than the side trails. The latter have a wider range of possibilities, since they do not require maximum strength.

Garden Main RoadsMeanwhile, within the options to the main paths, one of the best alternatives is the stone road, which not only provides strength and durability, but also a nice aesthetic touch, rustic, that will help garden decoration.

Materials for road construction stone

Amen on the characteristics and virtues of the stone paths already mentioned, it also adds economic choice. For major roads are used, usually, the tiles. With the stone paths would be spending less.

Among the choices of materials that can be used for the construction of a stone road, find marble stones or limestones (medium thick) as a better alternative, meanwhile, granite, basalt and sandstone are also elements optional and best to fulfill that purpose.

Whatever the choice of material, it is essential that the thickness of the stone is not too fine. While a fine cut stone to give it another aesthetic path, also give a weakness for anything convenient, being a master of the garden path.

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