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A lot of Chilean lakes its banks added to a mild climate especially fertile soil. And of these two factors – we can somewhat properly use and manage the destination-dependent agriculture or forestry which can be purchased on site. Along with the respect due to the lavish vegetation and water channels, not to invade other lands, it is necessary to ensure that find their way into small obstacles that reduce its speed when the slope is steep.

mini lakeRemember that plants have for years at the site play a vital role by holding the soil with their roots and thus preventing water currents drag the blanket in destructive career. A major example of this is the Rapel Lake, which is thought-already quite saturated sediments receiving future-that colmatarse arrive and disappear, because the amount of material that continually lead to him Tinguiririca rivers and Cachapoal.

Build beauty and production in the garden sacándole party to the appeal of the vegetation ecologically balanced place and cultivate a farm where they find a suitable land or improvements possible without interfering substantially accumulation areas or streams, in lakes and in rivers and estuaries.
Nature and environment

A significant number of basins found in wild and remote areas of towns and cities, so that, with this procedure, your parcel will be styled according to their nature and environment. This feature sometimes means not having basic services such as potable water and electricity, but by taking advantage of a natural waterfall or may have caused energy to power a generator and even a windmill.

Much of the existing numerous lakes in our area are located in low areas and surrounded by mountains, from which water runs off and falls hard. As far as we can, we can limit their speed and at one point the path to install a generator.

Particularly in southern successfully harvested beans, lettuce, onions, peas, potatoes, spinach, shallots and garlic, many of which are produced by an irrigation system that lifts lake water with pumps or using force flow a creek or stream through blades.

The backyard garden

If you have an accumulation of sediments carried to the shore of the lake, it cultivates a stocked farm. From not having, enjoy the mild climate enjoyed the place, creating a layer of soil enriched with good soil and organic fertilizers and plant vegetables in it for family consumption. Water will not lack, as if taking a course or lake nearby, will have enough rain because that will facilitate the cultivation and naturally will supply water needs.

There are easily grown berries like raspberry German murra. There are also, in the wild, rosehip, and the myrtle zalzamora, which are made with the famous and rich kuchenes of Valdivia.

Fish and shrimp

A plot of lake also allows raising fish and freshwater shrimp. The eggs are bought and carried in containers and pools specially equipped for the purpose, within the watershed or adjacent to it, using the same water. This system prevents contamination if used purification receptacles before returning the water to the lake and provides care and own the item works.

As a complement, ecological systems own the place generally include native forests that contribute significantly to increase the beauty of the place and are a wealth themselves. Moreover, near the trees find many species of fungi, some nutritional and culinary value.

The space lends itself also to raise animals and birds such as geese, turkeys and chickens, plus pudúes, ducks and nutria, living by the lakes in a natural and self-sufficient,
Seeing him like this, a plot on the lake, and in the best agricultural land, is a real source of attractive alternatives not only for self-sufficiency, but also for commercial production.

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