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Interior design A lot of furniture restored, a taste for bright colors and warm and enviable views of the garden, which is part of the hall almost define the interior design of this house.

The furniture in the house

The decor of each corner can not be understood at all without knowing that there is interest in the world of furniture restoration. So many pieces this warm home that houses have been bought by the owners and recovered. This applies, for example, with the dining furniture. Specifically, the table, chairs and silversmith.

garden designOne of the most spacious and bright is the lounge, from which you can enjoy lovely views of the garden. An effect that elected to dress warm tones have enhanced: very light yellow walls and deeper at the curtains and the sofa cover, and burgundy armchair and some cushions.

Another of the main spaces of the house is the kitchen. In it, cough colors of the curtains are imposed on the rest, so yellow and strawberry are repeated in the kitchenware and accessories. The tiled, to coordinate easily, white was chosen. Not so in the bathroom, where he chose a striped blue tiles, placed halfway up and topped with a listel. The mirror also restored the owner. The room is divided into two rooms: one, put up as bedroom, the other as a study room. In the sleeping area also decided on yellow and burgundy tones, combined with blue. Finally, the master bedroom, dominated by a simple headboard.
A living room overlooking the garden

This property occupies the ground floor of an apartment building. From the living room leads directly to a garden patio.
The dining room is located in a small area partially separated from the living room, and open the main hallway that leads to the front door of the house
At the entrance, an open space where stands the living area and kitchen. A classroom door leads to a distributor that leads to the bedrooms, the bathroom and kitchen.
The Son’s Room of the owners is twofold. A semi septum separates the sleeping area of ​​study that leads to the hallway.

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