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In the first instance it noted that run good precaution in the autumn, will help considerably to the maintenance and prevention of potential risks that come with winter. Initially advised proper pruning of dead branches, still important to control the size of shrubs and vines. Consider decreasing the foliage of at least half. It is also important to perform the necessary transplants of sensitive plants and weak plants, to more sheltered places. On the other hand, it must make a good cleaning of the beds, very carefully in areas of reeds.

Measures to be taken in our garden in autumnThey should cut all the flowers dry and, if you like, place compost in pots where the level has fallen to earth, avoiding cover the neck of the plant.

Garden maintenance

When it comes to watering during the fall months, you should go down to a minimum, as the rain and the weather itself, help the rest. For indoor plants, watering must be practiced by spray daily, to maintain the necessary humidity in heating seasons.
In turn, continuing with indoor plants, it would be important to bring pots and group locations near windows. Since the days are shorter and the light is less, this is a good move.

Finally, autumn is time to completely remove the mole cricket. Granules should be used on lawns and flowerbeds. At the moment the risk is controlled mole cricket, you must stop using the granules on the lawn, and go about spreading it in places where traces of mounds of this pest.

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