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The general structure of a garden is one of the main points at the time of design. The division of space, and the ability to access certain areas of green space, are part of that structure and design, rely almost exclusively on the various trails and roads that have been installed. These trails will always be different from each other, and not in relation to the form or material, but their characteristics regarding location, with main roads, ie busiest, or being secondary roads, those leading to less crowded areas.

The design of the garden through the trailsFor the former, the main roads, we always recommend using strong materials, resistant and durable as tile or concrete, it must be, if the traffic is important for them. In the case of the latter, secondary roads, is where you open the range of possibilities when choosing possible materials: gravel is one of them.
How to build a gravel path

Building a gravel path is simple, a simple task to have done enough gardening.

These vials, remembering to be built in areas with little traffic, are made with coarse sand. In turn, it is recommended the application of herbicides in a first instance, to prevent weed growth which then must be removed.

The construction of gravel begins by determining the path that trace. Then, applying a first layer of sand, from about 5 cm. Subsequently, the above gravel layer hour, in this case of fine sand, of 2 cm.

At this time applied herbicides. And the path is ready. You can reinforce it with more layers of sand, if the road is busy, otherwise this will be fine with it. Finally, you can always decorate yourself the roadside.

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